The Farm Store is now closed. But we still have beef for sale. Please feel free to call or text Simon at 607-222-7654 to purchase.


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We started by growing food for ourselves and then wanted to share that with our friends and neighbors. As we researched what farm practices make the best food, we learned the importance of open-pollinated seed and rotationally-grazed cattle. We learned organic methods are the safest and ultimately most productive for raising food: these practices are rooted in cycling energy, nutrients, and wastes.


We also learned how setting up a system to support the most diversity of life would yield better harvests. For this reason we reject: GMOs; grain and by-product feeding or finishing of cattle; synthetics such as pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, hormones, implants; stress-, disease-, and pollution-producing management like overgrazing and confinement. These may provide a certain convenience and may lead to higher yields under specific circumstances, but they are not rooted in a "life-first" system and so are unable to produce the highest quality, best tasting and most nutritious foods. In measuring the farm's progress by the amount and diversity of life we find here, we have recognized better beef, better eggs, and flavorful veggies that keep.